Because the search never ends…  

Lynn Mae laughing and drinking a cup of tea :-)
Photocredit: Marleen Greil

Why Lynn Mae – At first I heard all these voices in my head saying things like; ‘who are you to give yourself an artist name, pfff’, ‘so you think you are an artist?’
After squashing those thoughts with confidence and by listening to myself, I decided that I want and need a name that fits me. It just didn’t feel like Linda Oudendijk, my original name, would make the cut. Even though I’m proud of it, in foreign countries no one can pronounce my family name and why not think big and beyond borders!
So why Lynn Mae? Well family and friends call me Lin for short, I like the sound of it and for me it feels personal and close.
Another subject that feels close to me; the 50s and 60s. I grew up with music from that period, special thanks to my dad and his dad. The last couple of years my respect for artists from that era increased radicly. Because of my adventurous ‘search for the roots of the 50s and 60s music’-trip through America (read and see my vlogs on www.soulsoundsearching.com) but also by looking at documentaries and reading biographies about that time.

The name Lynn Mae is a tribute to all the American, especially female, artists from that period that inspired me. By following their hearts, feeling free from the inside, being courageous, feminin, sexy, eager, bold, crazy, funny and being the first to try. Lynn Mae reminds me to feel the fear and do it anyway and have fun while doing it. 

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